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Laparoscopic Ureterolysis


Women with ureteral endometriosis exhibiting moderate-to-severe hydronephrosis on preoperative intravenous pyelography.

What is Ureterolysis endometriosis

In endometriosis, the ureteral involvement can be limited to a single ureter, more often the left one, or both ureters with consequent urine tract obstruction and ureterohydronephrosis. In most cases, the ureteral obstruction is caused by endometrial tissue surrounding the ureter (extrinsic ureteral endometriosis).

Is Ureterolysis included in hysterectomy?

​Unsourced or poorly sourced material may be challenged and removed. Ureterolysis is a surgical procedure aimed at exposing the ureter in order to free it from external pressure or adhesions or to avoid injury to it during pelvic surgery, most often hysterectomy.

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